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Before giving the entire audience a weekender bag by Toss Designs

The Oprah Winfrey Show - Behind the Scene:

Before giving the entire audience a weekender bag by Toss Designs, Oprah consults with a show producer and the stage manager.


A lucky audience member test out Oprah's chair About The Oprah Winfrey Show An Oprah Show crew member gets Lilly Gaskin and other employees celebrate after the taping of Behind the Scenes of Oprah's Favorite Things. Backstage Kenny gives a big hug to singer Amy Grant Ballroom dancers Rickie Taylor and Erik at the World's Smartest Kids Before Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker enter the stage to talk about the movie The Great Debaters Before giving the entire audience a weekender bag by Toss Designs Beyonce and her band getting ready to perform If I Were a Boy Briefings and Meetings - Oprah Winfrey's Dream Job - Behind the scenes Cameramen move in for a better view of Gayle King Cameras roll on the stars of The Great Debaters—Denzel Washington Clutter expert Peter Walsh and Oprah arrive in style during the show Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour Country music legend Kenny Rogers shakes hands with musician and actor Jamie Foxx Dean makes sure Dr. Lisa Evans is standing on her mark during a break in taping Dr. Oz Reports The Science of Beauty Denzel Whitaker Donald Trump applauds his tasty Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger on Oprah's Top Picks for Summer from the Harpo legal team Gayle Georgia Harpo Studios - Fun Facts Hugh Jackman Greets fans at Harpo Studios In Oprah's Great American Haircut Jurnee Smollett and Forest Whitaker Lisa Ling and Elissa Wall Mark and Oprah share a big laugh during a commercial break. Mark Consuelos and Oprah during Oprah Fridays Melissa Etheridge Speaks Out Nate Parker Nicole Kidman at Oprah Winfrey Show Harpo Studios - Behind the Scenes onstage for a special thank you Oprah Oprah and Bob Greene take the stage for the show The Woman Who Lost 530 Pounds Oprah and Dean go over the plan for the show Oprah and Jennifer Aniston share a laugh with the audience during Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce guesting Oprah and Tom Bergeron host of America's Funniest Home Videos Oprah gives the audience a big smile before introducing the show Celebrity Hairstylists Reveal Their Secrets. Oprah invites the Harpo employees who helped pull off this year's surprise Favorite Things show in Macon Oprah poses for photos with Saturday Night Live's Amy Poehler and 30 Rock's Tina Fey Oprah shakes hands with Dr Brian Weiss Oprah Winfrey's Dream Job - Behind the scenes Oprah's new set was the most elaborate makeover in the show's history Paula and Dean share a laugh before Paula makes her Fisher Nutty Bacon Cheese Ball Special correspondent Lisa Ling and Oprah Stacey the crew of The Oprah Winfrey Show re-created the set to look like a scene right out of the movie The crowd cheers as Denzel takes the stage to talk about directing and starring in the film The Oprah Winfrey Show at Harpo Studios - Behind the Scene: Harpo employees set the stage for celebrity cook Paula Deen on the show Behind the Scenes of Oprah's Favorite Things The Oprah Winfrey Show Trivia - 25 Years in the Making Weekend Trip to South Africa - Oprah Winfrey's Dream Job - Behind the Scenes


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